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At Boombust, we believe that the way companies operate today is not sustainable. That is why we are building the future of work now. Fractional work is the future of hiring, and experts like you will lead it. We are the first-ever subscription-based fractional talent marketplace platform for job seekers and companies looking to hire. Talent scarcity and the old ways of operating human capital do a disservice to many employees. It is time we democratize and derisk access to jobs by sharing talent across projects. Companies like Meta, Netflix, Google, Apple, and countless others are just as quick to lay off full-time and contract talent without much notice.


We know talented individuals are often underemployed or unemployed due to these layoffs. At Boombust, our mission is to make the future of work and hiring sustainable so workers like you can thrive – regardless of their employment status at one employer. We want to make it easier for talented individuals to find quality work opportunities while providing companies access to top talent on demand. With Boombust, there are no long-term contracts or commitments – just flexibility and affordability when you need it most.

What is fractional work?

In the past, we were taught that we should work for one dream company. We would look for the perfect job and then build our career. However, this is becoming more difficult to do. Our economy is not stable enough to rely on having only one income from one job.


In the gig economy and part-time work, it makes sense to work for more than one company so you can make more money. This way, if something happens at one company, you still have income from another company. Working for multiple companies also decreases the risk of losing your income if something happens at one company.

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