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Executive Advisors
Supercharge your C-Suite

Start solving problems today and strategize for tomorrow with a dedicated executive strategist by your side. Our strategists have decades of expertise and can plug into key projects.

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Executive Advising

Make great decisions faster. Boombust democratizes access to executive advisors ready to help you take your business or team to the next level. Our Executive Strategists have worked at early-stage and Fortune 500 companies. Receive advice at any stage of your business that drives results.

Change Management and Organizational Transformation

Our Executive Strategists come from a variety of executive backgrounds from HR, Talent, Engineering, Product Management, Data Science, and many others. If your C-Suite is considering major organizational changes like layoffs, restructuring, turnarounds, or digital / e-commerce, our experts are available to ensure your company accomplishes its goals in an efficient and empathetic way.

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Go-To-Market Strategy

Businesses continue to innovate in a lot of ways. Monetizing those innovations and going to market is exactly what our experts have done in the past. Get the assistance that your company needs to bring your services and products to market faster than ever. Never leave money on the table again.

What Our Customers Say

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Chris Bennett, Co-Founder at Wonderschool

Working with John has been as absolute pleasure and the results have been amazing as well. He grew our engineering team rapidly and helped with VP level candidates and individual contributors. He’s an incredible leader and many in the company follow his lead when directed. He not only impacted his team but the entire company. I hope to work with him again one day.
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